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Be the Supernova

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After a couple nights rest I'm back with a new channeled message tonight. For tonight's message, the word I keep seeing is Supernova. 

I talked to a friend on social media I hadn't talked to in a long time earlier. We discussed finding ourselves and tapping into our own power and dealing with trauma. Both of us agreed, you reach a point, once you tap into it, there is no stopping yourself. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We often go through times in our lives maybe others told us we were powerless, or we grew up in oppressive religions that held back our gifts and tried to control our gifts and us. We were told our gifts didn't belong to us and were only to be used for their purposes and their needs. We were used and abused and when they were done with us we were ridiculed and discarded like yesterdays garbage. 

For a long time, we felt like we were the problem. We felt like we were the weak ones, we had failed and that we were not good enough. All of this was lies that had been beaten into our minds to keep us under their control. Lies. Every. Last. Word. 

The Guides are here and they want you to know, you are powerful. You are gifted. The fact is, you are so strong and gifted, you terrify the ones who tried to control you. That is why they were so determined to keep you under their thumb. They feared what you were capable of once you took charge of your gifts. That time is now. 

Look to your Guides and to yourself and latch on to your power. Let your gifts flow through you and harness them. Learn then and nurture them and realize your full potential. Once you unlock them, there will be nothing that can stop you. That power is all brimming inside you, building up. Set it off, and become the supernova you were meant to be. 

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