Burying Old Bones

Burying Old Bones

This is my first actual channeled reading from this blog. Please bare with me as I get used to this platform. Today's channeled reading, like all of my messages are for whoever needs to hear it. 


The theme for today is Bones. This word keeps turning over in my head over and over as well as the above image. It relates to how you've been feeling lately about your own bones. Some of you are quite young still, yet you're feeling much older than your years. 

For reasons that are not your fault, you've lived through and seen things you should have never experienced. Those things have aged your mind and body to a point, even in your youth, you feel like you are decades older than you actually are. At times you worry this may shorten your life. Some days you wish that it would. 

The Guides have a message for you. While there is no reason for you to have gone through this, there was no purpose and there is no good thing to make of these things. Trauma is trauma and things that were hard on you should have never happened. It doesn't have to wear you down, however.

There are ways to work through it and find strength. Through shadow work, therapy and other tools, you can find yourself again and strengthen those bones. You don't need to become an old graveyard. But you can be full of life again. 

I know this will not be solved through a simple reading or message, but the hope is that whoever needs this, will find the inspiration they need to go on fighting through to take that next step. The Gods believe in you and the Universe has your back. Tap into your strengths, it has always been there. Don't be afraid. Take that step and bury those bones. 

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