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Cut the Noise

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This is a channeled reading from March 12, 2022. I wanted to post it here for anyone who may benefit from it. 

Recently life has been full of challenges, one after another. While this is how life generally goes, lately it feels like they are getting harder and sometimes more bizarre. At times it feels as if the universe is plotting directly against you.

This is where staying focused comes in. I feel like this was in a recent message, but its coming through again, so I feel someone really needs it. There is so much commotion and so many things coming at us from every angle, it is easy to lose focus.

But we must cut out the noise. Eliminate the excess chaos in our minds and clouding our vision and focus on our goals and needs. How we do that is the hard part. Sadly, there is no cookie cutter method. This is where your grounding and practice comes in. Whatever means you use for these things, now is the time to dig into it.

If you've gotten out of your practice for a while, this is a good time to revisit it. Light those candles, or sit and meditate, whatever it is that works for you, but dial in and get your mind and body laser focused on yourself and your purpose.

Once you do that, the other things will start to fall in line. Things will feel like they are coming at you in slow motion and at times, you'll be able to anticipate what's to come. This is all a part of that focus and staying in tune. Once you get into the habit, it becomes like a powerful muscle, one that can take you places you never thought possible.

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