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Dealing With Your Religious Trauma

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Tonight's channeled message is a bit more personal to me. Tonight's message is about religious trauma. 

Many of us grew up with this on some level. Growing up in a strict religious environment, you were subject to various forms of psychological, spiritual and perhaps even physical abuse. For most of your life you had no recourse and no one you could turn to. Everything in your life revolved around the church and everyone you trusted was involved in some way. 

If you raised your voice in protest, you were told Satan was taking hold or that you were rebelling against God. Your own fear of burning in hell was used for a good part of your life to keep you in line, to make you behave and make sure you obey. This type of thing is unnatural and unhealthy and no child anywhere should ever be subject to this type of abuse. 

This went on for far too long. Now, as an adult you've spent most of your adulthood trying to undo this. You've found a healthy form of spirituality, but this past trauma still seeps in. You sometimes get flashbacks of past sermons or being chastised for various "sins". Just when you think you are over it, some religious nut says the wrong thing to you that triggers your trauma and sets off an angry response even you didn't know you were capable of. Afterward, you feel bad for allowing your past to get the best of you in this way. 

Your Guides want you to know, to be patient with yourself. This pain took a lifetime to inflict itself. It could take a long, long time for it to heal. Healing is a process and not an end point. Don't put pressure on yourself or give yourself a deadline to reach a healing destination. 

Find something that works for you in processing your trauma. Whether its meditation, journaling or even punching a heavy bag, whatever it is, do that and do it often. Use it to work through that trauma and get it out. If you have someone to discuss it with, even better. Talk it over with your Guides even, they are listening.

The point is, there are tools out there for you. Don't be afraid to use them and don't be afraid to give yourself the room and time to heal. You've already taken the most important step. You've broken away, and broken the cycle. Now, to just treat the wounds until they are no more. One step at a time. 

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