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Don't Forget the Natural World

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Today's Channeled message is an important one. One I need to remember myself. In our spiritual practice, it is very easy to get swept up in the magick and mystery of the spiritual world. There is so much wonder and amazement at the divine and mystery of the universe. Many times, we just want to lose ourselves in it. 

But that would be a mistake. Since we moved to this house in the fall, the weather got cold shortly after, so I hadn't had a lot of time to take in our back yard. Yesterday, I took a few minutes to walk around and I forgot just how large our back yard was. Lots of trees and bushes and ivy growing along the back fence. Even though we live in a big city, our yard has its own little ecosystem thriving back there. 

I'm rather out of shape, so my stamina got the best of me. I couldn't walk around much and got tired and came in before long, but it made me wonder what other little bugs and creatures could be hanging out in our bushes and trees. A few nights ago, we heard an owl outside the back window. We both got excited at hearing it. 

Nature is a beautiful thing. Connecting with nature, even in simple ways, like a short nature walk can be a spiritual act. It can connect you with the Universe, Guides and Spirits you hadn't even considered. You can soak in the beauty and energy of other living things. 

Even in your practice, there is no need to buy expensive witch kits and crystals. Respectfully gather cool sticks and rocks you find on your nature walk. Use them as wands or in your crystal work. I guarantee you'll have much more connection with these items than you will over store bought things. Spiritual practice doesn't have to be expensive. Our ancestors didn't have Amazon. They just had the earth and their hands. 

Don't be afraid to breathe in the air and take in what the Gods have left for us, soak it in and give back to it. I have found myself in just the short times I've wandered out into the yard, I've felt so connected to things. It's something I need to make more time for. 

I will note, I realize not everyone has access to the same types of nature and things. So, I will just say go where your practice and abilities lead you and do what you see fit. There are a lot of options, so don't be afraid to experiment. 

I myself look forward to implementing this into more of my practice, and seeing what growth it brings. The Guides built a whole world for us, let us take care of it and show it some love. 

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