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Finding Beauty and Strength Within

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Here is tonight's channeled reading. Looking at the above image, I see what I see every day in the world. A combination of beauty, and grimness. The world is a beautiful place, with so much to take in, so much life to enjoy and so many rich things to experience. There is so much to do and so much I want to do, some days, I wish I could accomplish it all at once. 

Then reality sets in. Work, bills, health issues, mental health, stress, world events and a whole list of other things that make the world feel ugly. This ugliness starts to seep in and it becomes a part of you. It permeates your daily life and intrusive thoughts begin to invade your daily routine. It becomes hard to function and some days hard to focus on the most simple tasks. Where did all this beauty go?

Your Guides want you to know, that you are the beauty and the strength. All too often we look to external sources for fulfillment and enrichment when it fact it is inside of us all along. The divine beings are there to guide you through things if you need them. 

How you look within yourself is all a matter of your personal preference. There is no right way to tap into your own strengths and beauty. Whatever works for you and fulfills you is the right way. All too often, we get stuck on the details of how each little thing is done, and not focusing on why we are doing it in the first place. Don't fall into that trap. Open yourself up, open your mind and spirit and find out what a beautiful, powerful being you truly are. Once you've discovered this, nothing will ever stop you. 

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