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Finding Your Purpose

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Tonight's Channeled message may not go the way you will expect it. The message I received tonight was on finding your purpose. 

Many of us go through life trying to figure out what is our purpose, and trying to discover how to achieve it. We look at others who are more successful and envy them for having a direction and a set of achievements to hang their hat on, and more importantly, a purpose. We ask ourselves, "What am I even doing? Does what I'm doing even matter?" 

Here is the thing the guides have shown me. It's OK not to know your purpose. All too often, our society equates "purpose" with "production" and how much money you are generating and how much content or revenue you are creating. Anyone who feels they aren't keeping up with this constantly moving metric set by some arbitrary societal force feels as if they are failing. That's the point of the game. To make everyone feel like they are failing. 

The cosmic truth is, you are not a failure. None of us are. Life is hard and doesn't get any easier as you get older. We are all doing the best we can. The idea that was all have some predetermined divine purpose is rooted in outdated Christian teachings. The Gods don't have some unique special purpose for everyone, if they do, they aren't keen on revealing it to everyone. 

The best we can do is find that thing in life that fills us with love, joy and passion and pursue it with everything we can. If we do these things, any concept of "purpose" will fall into place on its own. Fretting over if you're doing enough, or if you should be striving for some higher goal is just putting unneeded pressure on yourself. 

Live your life and strive to be great at whatever brings you joy. That is your purpose. Don't let anyone guilt you into something different. 

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