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Head Towards the Light

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Here is tonight's channeled message. This message may seem like an odd one, but I only follow the Guides and go where the message and image takes me. 

Anyone who follows me on social media knows I love bugs. Mostly spiders and arachnids, but I also enjoy moths. Moths are quite special creatures. They are very beautiful. More beautiful and unique than butterflies if you ask me. Some of them don't even have mouths. Once they come out of their cocoon, their sole purpose is to mate and die, and most of them are nocturnal. 

One thing they are known for is going toward the light. While I'd like to say there was some deep reason for this, the main reason they are attracted to light is that being nocturnal, bright light confuses their navigation systems. 

We are the opposite. Our navigation systems get confused on their own. We try to navigate through life, and there is always something there to throw us off. One of our friends has a serious problem. Maybe we have a financial crisis, or a family crisis, any one of a million issues come flying at us daily at a thousand miles per hour. All of them can send us into a tailspin. 

What we end up doing is, looking for the light. But where is the light? That can be the hard part. This is why staying grounded is so important. I myself have some grounding exercises I do. Its very simple, almost too simple. I've never spoken of this publicly and I almost feel silly doing so, but my Guides are telling me to share it so here it is. 

When I feel overwhelmed, when that tailspin starts to hit. I take a step back, take deep breaths and in my head I chant to myself "Out with the bad energy, in with the good." I say this over and over. Sometimes dozens of times, sometimes just a handful of times. Every time it works. I call it waking meditation. It clears my mind in such a way that it removes the fog and haze and darkness from my mind and spirit that are confusing me and causing me to drift, and puts me back on course. 

Now, you don't have to practice this same thing. Talk to your guides, meditate and find the method that works best for you. That is the thing about this spiritual path, everything about it is tailored to each individual. Everyone's path is their own. Find that grounding that works. Pull out of that tailspin, and head towards the light. 

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