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Hustle Culture

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Here is today's channeled message. This message is for anyone who needs to hear it:
This message is a mix of things, as I've been researching a lot lately on "hustle culture". In doing this reading I feel there is someone out there who is battling with this very thing. With the world opening back up, and our society valuing capitalism and productivity above all else, it is easy to feel you need to "hustle" and work yourself to death in order to have value.
I fight with this myself in my own business. When my business isn't being profitable, I question whether I'm a good businessman, or if I should even be in business at all. Am I productive enough? Am I doing enough? Am I worthy? Do I have value outside of what money I can bring in?
The divine answer is YES. We all have value. There is no cash value on our personhood. There is no amount we could produce or create to equal our worth. By the act of existing, we have value. This is where the toxic hustle culture comes in.
Don't let someone tell you you're lazy. Don't let influencers or followers make you feel like you're not producing enough. Don't let anyone make you feel like your disability, or impairment makes you less valuable as a person.
One day, all of us will run out of breath and we will all wind up in the ground. How much we have or produced won't matter one bit then. Working ourselves around the clock will only make that day come sooner. Pace yourselves, breathe and let yourself enjoy things. Don't let the algorithm rule your life. Rest in your own value and know even the Gods think you're amazing. Now its time that you thought so too.

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