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Stepping Into Your Spirituality

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Tonight's channeled message ties in to last night's a bit. Last night we talked about healing from your past religious trauma. Tonight, we are talking about leaving that behind and stepping into your own spirituality. 

For most of your life, your spiritual identity has been defined for you. As a child you had no choice. You were threatened with violence if you resisted it, your resources and safety were threatened if you resisted your family's religion. Even as an adult, you may still risk being ostracized by family for stepping outside of the family endorsed religion. Yet, you're making the choice to do so. 

Well, now what? Honestly, this is the easier and fun part. Making the decision to break away is the hardest and scariest by far. From there, the best thing you can do is go with what feels right. Try new things and listen to your inner self and your guides. Whatever you do, don't overthink it. 

Here has been my rule on my spiritual path, if it leads to healing and harms no one, then it is good. Anything else anyone else says is just noise. Don't let others influence your path and don't fall under the spell of anyone else again, you are too powerful and your magick is too strong. You have so much to give, and so much magick inside of you.

All you need to do is look within and tap into it. Find those areas that interest you and follow through with them, wherever it leads. It will take you on an adventure unlike anything you've experienced before. And it will be amazing, because it will be yours. 

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