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The Magick of Rocks

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Tonight's channeled message is a bit different and maybe a bit more personal. Lately, I've been going for walks in our back yard. Since we moved last fall, we have a much larger yard that I haven't had the chance to spend a lot of time in yet. 

Early in my practice, I was always so worried about "doing it right" and looking up crystals and making sure I had the exact correct one for the correct thing and always afraid of messing something up or doing something wrong. I think some of this was hangover from my old Evangelical upbringing. 

As my practice matures, I find its ok to figure things out for myself and in a lot of ways create my own magick. Or more realistically, use the magick that is already in front of me. So now, instead of buying lots of crystals, while on my walk I go through and pick up rocks that call out to me. The Guides have revealed to me that everything around us has energy and magick. 

Everything is powerful and everything is useful to us. I send the rocks my intentions and store them in a cool box on my table. When I need them, I'll pull one out and use it for protection or healing or whatever as needed. It all sounds rather silly and simple, but not sure I can convey into words just how freeing and empowering this new part of my path has felt. 

I was never a big nature person most of my life, but since I've been on this path, I've been a lot more interested in insects, reptiles and now rocks. I've been interested in nature and wildlife in general. I feel being on this pagan path and our Spirit Guides puts us in closer community with the earth and living things. This has led me to realizing the power of the rocks that surround me and the power that lies in my own back yard. 

So, I guess the key to the message here is, this Craft is for everyone. You don't need fancy crystals or expensive tools (Yes I sell tools on this site, its how I make a living). Those things are all nice, and fun to have, but they aren't required. Don't let Tik Tok trends or Instagram witches and influencers make you feel like you're less than because you don't have a fancy altar with tons of candles and crystals. 

When I need an altar, I lay out a piece of paper and some rocks. Mostly I don't use a physical altar due to space limitations. Once again, you create your own practice and your own magick. That is why this path is so beautiful. It is 100% unique and personal to each practitioner. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. In the meantime, Enjoy the magick of rocks. 

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