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The Spirit of Samhain

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Today's channeled message has a bit of a theme. We are coming up on Halfway to Halloween and the above image really grabbed me. 

Being a witch most of the year feels out of place. The rest of the world is celebrating spring and outdoors and various seasons, while we often long for Halloween and the Fall seasons. Not always, but often is the case. I know as I get older, hot summers become more and more difficult. 

However, the Spirit of Samhain is more than just a holiday or specific time of year. As we grow in our practice, the season becomes more and more engrained as a part of our being. One thing I've found for myself, I often don't celebrate the specific pagan holidays. Just the way my life is structured, its difficult to get out and conduct rituals on specific nights or on the various moon phases. 

One beautiful thing about our practice is that none of that matters. It is all totally up to the individual. One person may celebrate every single holiday or moon phase, another may do none of them and and both are totally fine. We beat ourselves up for not following various holidays or rituals as we see done on social media and feel we are falling behind, but we are not. 

Any day can be a pagan holiday for us. Our Magick will work year round. The Guides are always standing by ready to assist. Don't feel bad because you didn't do a big fire ritual for Beltane. If you must, burn a candle. A little secret, because I have such a small and very old house, I do a lot of rituals using my computer. Instead of burning pieces of paper, I delete files. I watch videos of fire festivals and meditate on them. My book of Shadows is a Google document. 

I feel just as empowered when I use these things as I did when I was trying to use physical items. Its much easier for me to keep track of files and documents on my laptop and I don't have to worry about family stumbling on them or misplacing them. It still works, its still Magick and still powerful. 

Don't let the time of year or lack of supplies dictate to you your magick. Go easy on yourself and let yourself practice the way which is most comfortable for you. You'll come into your power soon and find you'll grow in ways you never thought possible. Once you start to personalize your practice and stop trying to emulate others, you'll open doors you never knew existed. The Spirit of Samhain is all around us all year long. Don't be afraid to tap into it. 

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