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The Way of the Owl

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Here is tonight's channeled message. This image tonight really called out to me and felt powerful. Lots of energy behind it. The owl is one of the most powerful and majestic creatures in nature. They look beautiful, and sometimes unimposing, but I've seen videos of owls tearing mice in half. 

Going through life, you run into a lot of people who like to beat their chests and talk loud and tell you how wild and dangerous they are. Some of these people are a part of your daily life. Maybe its a boss, family member or co-worker. They do everything they can to intimidate you and constantly impose their will on you. 

Maybe its because you're small in stature. Maybe its because you're quiet, or maybe its how you dress. Fact is, it doesn't matter. These folks have decided that you are less than they are and they will treat you as such. 

This has become a source of major stress for you. Some days it makes you physically ill knowing you'll have to interact with this person and tolerate their constant chest pounding. 

This is where the owl comes in. While they prefer to act like obnoxious hyenas, you will take on the way of the Owl. You are smarter than they are, wiser, and more cunning. They know this, which is why they treat you the way they do. Maybe you're not in a position to stand up to them, and that is ok. That is not the purpose of this message. If you are in an unsafe situation, but all means take whatever steps you need to protect yourself. 

But for purposes of this message, while they are cackling and laughing and mobbing around in their pack with other hyenas fighting for scraps, you will tap into your inner magick and elevate yourself. Soon, their cackling will sound like background noise, and their attempts to impose their will shall fail as they will see the powerful being you are becoming. 

Your power will radiate from you like a microwave sending out waves of radiation. Everyone around you will feel and sense it, though they may not know what it is. They will just know something is different. You are different. 

Just like the Owl, they may think you look unimposing or simple, but your true nature is a majestic, powerful being. Unleash that power and let your Owl soar, leaving the hyenas far behind. 


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