Hi everyone! I figured I should do some kind of introductory post here. For a long time, I've been doing semi-nightly Tarot or Oracle card reading on my various social media pages and recently started doing channeled messages meant for the collective. The goal is to help or inspire anyone who may be in need of hearing it at a given time. 

I just found out tonight, that my site here has a blog feature, so all this time I could have been doing it that way, but had no idea it existed, so here we are now. I prefer doing channeled messages because I feel they are less restrictive. Here is some background on me. I'm an eclectic pagan/polytheist. My primary deity is Apollon, though for a long time it was The Morrigan. I still worship The Morrigan, but feel she's kind of handed me off to Apollon for now. I've been doing various readings for around a year and a half and practice them daily on some level. 

I don't offer personal readings. I did for a while, but it gets very overwhelming and just feels like a lot of pressure for me. So for now, I just stick with the collective readings. Though if anyone has any questions, feel free to drop me an email. I'm usually pretty good about responding. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the readings, check in several nights a week and you'll see them pretty regularly. Thank you all again for all of your support! 


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