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You Are the Magick

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Tonight's channeled message feels simpler. Some nights they whisper to me, other nights they scream at me. This night, it feels like something I just knew, but the Guides have reaffirmed it. 

In your magick practice, you've feel numb and even dull as of late. There are days you don't feel like you are in touch with your own deities or spirits. You try to do a ritual or even something as simple as meditation, but it feels like it is so far away. What are you doing wrong? 

You look online and you see other magick practitioners conducting elaborate rituals, and posting videos of their huge occult libraries and talking about the amazing spells they just did with huge results. Why is it working for them and not for you?

The first thing you need to remember, is a lot of things people post online are fake. They are created and curated for your entertainment. Comparing your spiritual journey with a content creator's is like comparing your photos with that of a celebrity's which has been carefully lighted, photoshopped and edited. 

There are few things that are more personal than your spiritual practice. Make it your own. There is no need to copy anyone else. What works for you is yours and yours alone. And that is the key, no one can tell you how or what your practice should be. That is how true magick works. 

Everyone is born with it. We all have the gift, despite how some may say they are hereditary witches, the truth is, the Universe is there for all of us to tap into. Don't let anyone tell you different. The key is finding the best way to unlock it. The best way, is whatever works for you. If it works, then that is the way. The magick is within you and it is yours to use. Don't be afraid to tap into it and let unlock your true self. 



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