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You Can't Save the World

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I will admit as I get started here, I don't know where today's channeled message will go. I open myself up to receive, start writing and just let it come to me. I saw the above image, and it called out to me, so I decided to use it for this message. We'll see how it fits in. 

It feels like lately a lot of messages have been about world events. This one is too, but not wider world events, but our anxiety around them. We are constantly filled with uncertainty. Everything from our own work be it our jobs, or own business or however we have our income, we don't know if it will be there in a month or six months. 

Even if it is still there, will we be able to afford the basics of living? Housing costs are going up, food prices, gas is ridiculous. That is even if you can get things in. Supply chains are a mess, stores are out of stock of things, where does it all end? Truth is, we don't know if or when it does. 

When I sit and think about these things, it is enough to spin me out of control, which leads me to the message from the Guides. The message is, focus on what you can control. I feel I may have said this in a previous message, but it's important enough to repeat. 

It is so easy to worry about the greater problems in the world, things we are helpless to do anything about. I recently saw someone post about how they were about to see a new movie that just came out. Someone went off in the comments how there is war in Ukraine and people are dying, but enjoy your little movie. This kind of shaming and vitriol helps no one. And letting ourselves feel guilty because are not suffering enough also helps no one. 

Every last one of us is trying to survive the best we can. Extending grace to yourself and allowing yourself to enjoy the little things is the least you can do. Focus on the things directly in your life, your own work, your family and your mental and physical health. You can't save the world, but you can keep yourself from spiraling into depression and anxiety. Its ok if you can't save the world and not sure if that is even possible. 

Allow yourself to adjust to things as they come and be fluid to the rapidly changing world and don't be too hard on yourself if it takes a minute to adapt. You don't need to answer or explain yourself to anyone other than yourself. I know my messages may sound low in aspiration, but I feel there is so much pressure out there for us to make  big waves and be movers and shakers, the Guides are letting us know, its OK not to do those things. Just be you, because you are a pretty big deal. 

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